DIGITAL-DANIEL LTD is an online company based in the UK that provides a professional service to individuals and small companies wishing to:

  • have multi-lingual websites built,
  • learn English or Italian in a flexible and effective way through private online lessons,
  • have documents translated between English and Italian.

DIGITAL-DANIEL is based in Falmouth, which is in Cornwall, in the south-west of England. The team is made up of:


Daniel teaches and translates, as well as dealing with the technical side of the websites and training our website clients to use their sites.


Michael – makes our websites beautiful and has a keen eye for language and aesthetics.

Norman, who is also from Falmouth, teaches English online and brings a German and Spanish flavour to the lessons.

DD small

Enrica is our Italian teacher. She lives near Bologna and organises Homestay courses there. She also translate from English to Italian.


Gudrun is quality control. She edits and proofreads our translations and English website content. She also helps our students with telephone call practice.

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Paola translates from English to Italian. She also is a professional tour guide working in Rome.