We translate from Italian to English and English to Italian. We only work with experienced mother-tongue translators, and independently proof read the translation to ensure quality. Our translations are accurate, styled correctly for your audience and communicate your ideas with clarity.

We have over ten years experience translating: annual reports, European project proposals, and ongoing reports, film and television scripts and subtitles, science and social-science academic theses, marketing materials, business correspondents, personal statements and CVs.

We also provide support for academics who wish to write in English, but also want to improve their skills. Offering proofreading with feedback and follow up ‘writing tutorials’.

Price Guide


€15 per folder

a folder is 1500 characters including spaces.

(approximately €0.06 per word)


€0.018 per word


  • Italian > English  / English > Italian
  • German > English
  • Italian > French


Research theses
Conference presentations
Periodical publications
Funding applications

reliable and quick service

We translate and/or proofread your academic papers. We help you deliver a clear account of your work and share your results. We can also help prepare you for oral presentations.


Project Proposals
Press releases

checked and rechecked

We make sure your reports for EU activities are carefully checked to be clear for your audience. Ensuring that terminology is standardised and reports are clearly structured.


Film and TV pitches
TV and film scrips
Exhibition materials
Website materials
Crowd funding materials

we help you communicate your creativity

We are creative too and translate complex ideas so they are accessible. We can also write original copy.


Marketing and Communication
Annual Reports
Business letters, emails and websites.

using the best langauge

Making your message clear.
Using audience appropriate language
We can also write original copy.