Planning your website

What we provide?

Help and support thinking through your ideas. We’ll think as a user and help you predict and respond to their needs.

We’ll create a website that communicates the message you want. That has the functionality you need.

We’ll put on the initial content, and then teach you how to do it yourself.

We’ll keep checking in on you for 12 months and make sure your site is working smoothly and you are comfortable using it.

Access to a library of help videos.

What we need from you?

Text organised into files for each page or post.

Photos with descriptive name, we have a place for you to upload them.

A small budget to buy photos or graphics that are needed.

Consideration 1

Kind of an online brochure you want to refer people to.

If you are going to give people the address of you site,  then once your initial content is up, you only need to do occasional updates, post something once a month.

Kind of a fishing net to catch new clients.

You need to build your presence on the Internet. That means promoting your site, making sure it is optimised for search engines. You need to have a plan for what you are going to add to the site and when, and you will need to dedicate some time to the site every week. If you are including a shop on your site, you’ll need to get photos and information for each of your products.


Consideration 2

Are there sites you like, or things on sites you have seen that you would like to have?

Do you have ideas for what permanent information you want to have? You’ll want an about us page, a contact page.  What do customers or clients need to know from you in terms of  who you are and what you do?

You might have a portfolio of work. Do you want people to just see the work, or do you want to tell them more about it?

Consideration 3

Being organised makes working more efficient. You will need to be organised. Save your text with the name of the page. Any photos you want in should be referenced in the text. Give the photos descriptive names. Save the text and the photo in a folder with the same name as the page.

Consideration 4

Be selective with your photographs. In terms of colours and quality, in terms of sizes. At this stage the bigger the photo the better.  A photo’s weight is how big the file is in kilobytes or megabytes. A photos size is in pixels and width is first.  As a rule, we want 1-4 MB sized photos.  We don’t need hundreds, we need the best. We want colours that will work on the page, and images that clearly illustrate your message.

Stop Check 1

After we’ve talked through your ideas, and while you are writing the text and gather the photos, we will create the site either on your domain, or on a sandpit site. We will use some  Lorem ipsum text to help you see how the site will look and work without focusing on the words.

We’ll get your feedback for changes you may want to make. Some changes can be made live, others require time to implement.

Stop Check 2

You will have sent us some, or all of the text and photos a week before and we will have put it on to the site for you. You’ll look through the site and we will use this time to make structural changes or any small aesthetic changes.

Stop Check 3

All content initial content will be up. If a multi-lingual site has been ordered, this content will have been translated.  We will now review the text with you and show you how to make small changes. We will then show you how to write directly on your site. We will plan 2 one, hour lessons to support you.

Stop Check 4

After the training we will monitor your site, keep WordPress and plugins updated, and resolve any problems you might have, refresh your memory. At the 9 month mark, we’ll check in to talk about next year’s support.